Welcome to the website of NärCon 2014!

NärCon is a series of festivals and events taking place in Sweden since 2002, focusing on East Asian pop culture and gaming. Our goal is to give our visitors the feeling that they are at an anime festival with live performance, barbeque, cosplay and video games. Our main event, NärCon 2014, takes place at Linköping University on the 24-27th of July where over 5 000 attendees gather together for 4 days of activities, tournaments and live shows which take place during both day and night. Our attendees can either chose to camp in our camping grounds, or sleep in dormitories on campus. There is also a restaurant, a cafeteria, and a juice- and ice cream bar where our attendees can fill up their stomachs without going broke. 

Cosplay is one of the main events of Närcon, with a regular competition, a performance competition and the Nordic Cosplay Championship. NCC brings together participants from each of the Nordic countries to see which cosplayer that brings the best show and takes the grand prize of a trip to Japan. We also have our own, open cosplay competition where cosplayers will show their cosplays and compete in different categories. NärCon has a dedicated security team that will keep you safe during the convention, while our medical team will help you if you encounter any health issues.

See you at NärCon!

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